We require a £50 non-returnable deposit for all parties, the balance must paid in advance by bank transfer at 7 days prior to the party or by cash on arrival at the party if agreed.(cash payment must be agreed) Our Bank details are Bank Santander Account number 06489625 sort code 09-01-27 please use your surname and the date of the party as a reference


The party won’t be confirmed until the deposit has been paid and the booking form is returned, please email when you have paid the deposit.


We include Free digital invites for you to print out & fill in for all our 2 hour parties, please request thiswith your booking form. No alternative to invites.

By signing this form you agree to all our terms and conditions detailed below.
Please check the risk assessment from the venue and pass it on to ourselves for approval. Please ensure that the venue has been cleaned prior to the party, including all door handles and toilets. Please ensure that the numbers you invite to your party are in line with the current government advice for Covid 19 and the restrictions at the time of the party, you as the booker of the party are responsible for the safety of everyone at the party. All indoor venues must have plenty of space*, good ventilation and be able to have windows and door open
before and during the party. The party must have no more than 30 people in total attendance, this includes children, entertainers and all adults. The venue must have enough room for the entertainers to be over 4 metres from the children, ideally a stage and each child to have at least 1 metres square for themselves whilst participating in activities, we will ask that everyone is social distancing, especially the adults, where we ask that chairs are set out 1 metre apart. We will also be adhering to extra safety measures and sanitising of equipment.
We ask that everyone entering the party anti bacs or thoroughly washes their hands on arrival and again before they eat and also before leaving.
All adults will be asked to wear a mask during the party. Please contact everyone 24 hours prior to the party to ensure that no one attending has any symptoms of a raised temperature over 37.5, cough, loss of taste or small. They must NOT attend if they have any of those symptoms even if they think it isn’t covid 19 or if they have been in contact with anyone with these symptoms in the past 10 days or has tested positive for Covid-19. If a child or adult is refusing to adhere to social distancing or not wearing a mask and putting our staff and other children at risk, we may stop the entertainment & no refund will be given if this happens. We may take photos at your party and use them for our own publicity/social media, if you do not wish photos to be taken and used. Please inform us prior to the party in writing, if anyone does not wish to have their photo taken or hasn’t given permission. Please seek permission from everyone attending. We will never use the surname of any children. We always try to ensure that the entertainer/character you booked attends the party, however due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to offer an alternative one if required at no price difference. Rascals Entertainment reserves the right to make any changes to the activity and games that is deemed necessary. Such changes may be attributed to (but are not limited to) weather, venue hazards & restrictions, guest numbers & age and ability levels. Rascals Entertainment reserves the right to request the removal from the party, any child causing significant disruption or safety risk to themselves or other guests. If the request is refused, Rascals entertainment reserves the right to terminate the party. If your party is cancelled within one month you are responsible for 50% of the total package if cancelled within 10 days you will be responsible for full payment.(please take out insurance to cover any cancellation due to illness) The deposit is non-returnable once it is paid under any conditions, however if your party has to be cancelled due to a further full lockdown your deposit can then be moved over to another party date within 12months of the booking as long as the value is greater or the same as the initial booking.
- Disclaimer: Some dances & activities require physical exertion and include inherent risk of injury. Participation by your child or any children attending the party is your acceptance of that risk, on their behalf. Rascals Entertainment will not accept liability for the injury of any child at a Rascals Entertainment party.



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