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Easter Bunny personalised Video messages

Easter Bunny fully Personalised Message from Rascal The Easter Bunny an approx 3-4 minute message
Easter Bunny  personalised Video messages


Sent In Time For Easter
Video Sent To You

About the Event

Book an Easter Bunny personalised Video message and help a child with a Life Threatening illness achieve their wish with “When you wish Upon a Star”

We are proud to be working with such a wonderful Charity, ‘When you Wish upon a Star’. Rascals Entertainment will

donate £5 for EVERY Easter Bunny personalised Video message booking. £5 donated per booking.

Rascal the Easter Bunny is offering Hippity Hoppity fun with personalised Video messages and fun Story time from a

well know children’s book.

We are delighted to tell you that we will be donating £5 from EVERY booking to the Charity When you wish upon a Star.

For those of you that don’t know this charity, they grant wishes to Children aged 4-16 who live with a life threatening

illness. The Covid Pandemic has had a dramatic reduction on their fundraising, as well as not being able to organise

some wishes because of the restrictions. It is a wonderful charity that helps so many children throughout our area and all

of the UK.

Why not donate a video message:

You can ALSO donate/gift  via ‘Pay it in kind’ by paying for and then donating a Video message to a child from “When you

wish upon a Star”. The organisation then choose a child who they think would appreciate a video and may not have had

one without this help. This can be selected at the checkout.

If you would like more information on this charity please contact them via their website:

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