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Harry Wizard Themed Parties

 Harry  Wizard Themed Parties

Ideal age 5-10 years. All parties include up to 20 children; see below for extra cost

A party for every Wizard  fan, Wizard Host, which house will the sorting hat put you in ? Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin. Learn how to be a Wizard with Wand training and even a few magic tricks. Quidditch obstacle course, Golden snitch game, broom races,  Flying Ford Game with catapult fun and sweets. Which house will win the games & be crowned the house of the day. Plus other fun themed games and props

All parties include a food break.

•        Prizes for the games

•        Sorting hat will put you into a house

•        Wizard Training

•        Wand training (only in deluxe and above)

•         Wizard School certificates (only deluxe & above)

•        Party invites designed to print off yourself

•        Gift for the birthday child from their Wizard

•        Hogwarts Disco

•        Some Harry Wizard  themed games & Traditional Games / Prizes

starting from £240

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Standard Wizard Party 


Standard Wizard themed part

Two Hour party with one  Wizard entertainer with a break for party food in the two hour party. Themed games with lots of  Wizard fun..

Deluxe Wizard  party


Deluxe Wizard  Party - Two Wizard characters as your entertainers with food break. Includes Wizard & wand training  as well as themed games, photo opportunities and lots of Harry Potter  fun.

Super Deluxe Wizard  Party


Super Deluxe Wizard  themed party    

Two Wizard characters as your entertainers includes a food break and includes Wizard & wand training. Each child takes home their own wand and is awarded a certificate with their house name on to take home. As well as themed games lots of photo opportunities and lots of Wizard fun.

Bespoke party? Not a problem

We understand not all children are the same and may like different characters or parties. That is why at Rascals Entertainment we go out of our way to ensure whatever the child's interest, there is something we can do to help. We can organise bespoke  “WOW” Parties to suit the interest of the child. Please call to discuss your requirements.